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Chat room guidelines

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Class Act Radio is here for entertainment purposes only, and not for profit. Any donations received will be used for operational expenses to keep the music playing.

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1.) Harassment, flaming, racism or personal attacks will not be tolerated !!

     This includes choosing an offensive nick to use in the chat room.

2.) No excessive swearing or sexually explicit chat.

3.) Respect others in the chat room.

     Discussions about religion and politics are discouraged.

4.) There will be no advertising (spamming)

5.) Failure to follow these guidelines may result in the removal from the chat room.

6.) We encourage you to invite your friends and family member to join us as long      as they are 18 or over !

7.) 3 smilies only at a time, unless you have a short username and you can fit      another one on 1 line.

8.) DO NOT share personal information in the chatroom.

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