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Chat room guidelines

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1.) Harassment, racism or personal attacks will not be tolerated.  

     This includes choosing an offensive username to use in the chat room.

2.) No excessive swearing or sexually explicit chat.

    Please Keep those types of  conversations PRIVATE.

3.) Respect others in the chat room.

    No discussion about personal financial issues are allowed as it is viewed as a form      of solicitation and will likely end in your removal from the chat room.  

    Staff members seen doing this will be removed from their roles.

4.) There will be no advertising (spamming) You are welcome to listen to music wherever       you choose. However, advertising for another station will be removed and you will be       asked to refrain from such actions. The 2nd time you will be removed from chat.

5.) We encourage you to invite your friends and family members to join us as long as  the      chat is PG rated so if you have children, it is your responsibilty to monitor them.

6.) 3 smilies only at a time, unless you have a short username and you can fit another one      on 1 line. You may use a combination of chat and smilies that wrap to more lines,       but please be reasonable.

7.) Do NOT share personal information to include phone number, or address, in the      chatroom or discriminate regarding sexual orientation.

8.) Remember we are all volunteers giving freely of our time; we are here simply to make      your day happier with music and smiles. Failure to follow these

     guidelines may result      in your removal from the Chat Room.

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